Collaborative Teaching and Learning - Online course - 2nd edition

Due to a success of the first edition, the online course ran a second edition starting in September 2017.

  • Download the full description of the course here
  • Download the dissemination package here

This course is an introductory MOOC giving information on what collaborative learning is, how teacher collaboration can help the students to learn together and giving advice on how to design, implement and assess the collaborative learning activities in the classroom.

Start of the course: 25 September 2017 (6.5-week duration)

Why Collaborative Teaching and Learning?

Collaboration is an important 21st century skill, which should be applied in each classroom. However, collaboration is still rare in schools. That is why it is necessary to understand what collaborative teaching and learning mean and get policy support as well to facilitate the implementation of collaborative methods in schools.

Who were we targeting?

We wanted to get involved these target groups in the MOOC:

  • primary and secondary teachers
  • teachers in initial training
  • teacher trainers
  • head of schools
  • policy makers
  • other stakeholders who might find the course useful

Have a look at the Course Introduction!


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