CO-LAB final workshops conclude key implementation phase at country level



The CO-LAB debriefing country workshops took place in all six partners' countries in May and June 2017, wrapping up the cycle of events started in the spring 2016.

The focus of these final events at national level was on mainstreaming Collaborative Learning practice and its assessment, to support further implementation of CL and inspire others, and on collecting final feedback from the project’s participants about enablers, obstacles, challenges and good practices in order to fuel the definition of the CO-LAB recommendations.

With the aim of facilitating reflection and fostering exchange of opinions between practitioners and decision makers, the events created a space for informed and open discussions, to share practical experiences of implementation and discuss potential solutions at different levels of the educational system: learning activities, classroom and school management, local and national frameworks and policies etc.

The programs comprised a variety of activities, from plenary sessions, focusing on CL key models, new challenges and good practices from schools, to parallel discussion sessions, to market place style presentation of learning activities’ results and students’ work carried out in the academic year 2016-2017.

The results of these events will be soon available in the country reports and the recommendations elaborated also based on the workshops’ content will be published in the fall and presented during the final CO-LAB event in November.

Stay tuned with the project’s update!

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